Retrochallenge 2016/01

My last two Retrochallange projects were disastrously truncated. My goal for 2016/01 is to improve on that performance.

I started without a real plan, other than to continue with the stalled projects and I started by getting an Organiser II LZ into practical operation. The Livejournal tells the story of how that went and I updated the Organiser II document that I started in 2015-07. I also started a new document about power supplies and another about emulators and virtual machines.

Psion Organiser II
I started this document for 2015/07, but didn't get very far with it then. I've added to it in this Retrochallenge to describe the hardware and how to support communications with modern systems.
Power information about various systems.
Emulators and Virtual Machines
Describes some of the software emulations that are an essential part of keeping vintage software alive.
Describes my PC164SX, which is probably old and unusual enough to fit the Retrochallenge definition.


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  1. PNJ, 2015-12-31. Started. Various documents added to the index throughout the month.

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